CE National and Urban Hope Training Center Philadelphia are now offering a gap year experience focused on living ON MISSION called Action Year.  The SUM program Action Year immerses students into a practical, laboratory environment, learning what it means to fulfill the Great Commission by igniting a passion to follow and share Jesus.  Students will learn how to share their faith in a diversity of cultures and contexts. Contact cenational@cenational.org for more information.

ONLY $9,900


100 + Bible verses
100+ Bible stories
Foundational Theology
Books of the Bible
Importance of Evangelism & Discipleship
How to do devotions


Show integrity
Servant leaders
Transformed heart and mind
Filled with a passion for Jesus
Grow in the fruits of the Spirit
Friendly and engaging
A diligent worker


Learn diverse cultures
Share your faith
Put the Word into practice
Able to speak publicly
Disciple others
Teach a Bible lesson
Start a spiritual conversation


Theological Studies

Action Year helps students connect Bible knowledge with real-life ministry experience. We believe strongly in biblical authority, Scripture memorization, and the ability to engage in thoughtful spiritual dialogue centered on Jesus and the Gospel. Students will learn to initiate friendly conversation, listen to the stories of others, and help them see the hope of Christ.

Leadership Training

Servant Leadership is at the heart of our Action Year program and is involved in every aspect of the students’ experience. Our goal is to take students beyond the principles of leadership and give them experiences that put those principles into practice. To make that happen, students learn and work alongside ministry leaders from ten different cities and countless urban ministry contexts.


Urban Immersion

We believe the most powerful learning tool available is learning through experience.  Spending time with the homeless, the broken, various socio-economic backgrounds, and those who are neglected, teaches a far more powerful and lasting message than any classroom.  By changing the lives of our students through experiential learning, there is a far greater chance for them to return home to change the lives of others.