CE National and Christian colleges and universities are partnering together to present a nine-month, intercultural, field-experience internship based at Urban Hope Training Center in Philadelphia. Real world, every day ministry becomes a student’s classroom as they journey to various cities throughout the northeast region.

Working in cooperation with the Urban Hope Training Center in Kensington Philadelphia, participants of the Studies in Urban Ministries program have the unique opportunity of living, learning, and growing inside of a cross cultural environment. But it does not end there. Additional program features include:

  • Foundational roots in the belief that transformation begins with Jesus Christ. He alone changes lives and circumstances.

  • Learning happens in a variety of settings, including several host organizations throughout the northeast. Numerous day trips are scheduled to world class cities such as New York City, Washington DC, Baltimore and more.

  • Participants have the option for International Urban studies. This option allows a participant to broaden their perspective to see third world urban students, and observe various cultures’ ways of meeting social, material, and spiritual needs

  • Participants are mentored by experienced urban leaders, living in the inner city. This directional guidance empowers participants to gain skills in contact making, outreach, discipleship and teaching in a cross cultural setting.

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Urban Hope Training Center is located in the West Kensington neighborhood of North Philadelphia, where 80% of the population is Puerto Rican and Domincan. CE National (Church Effectiveness National) started Urban Hope Training Center in October of 1998 with the goal of reaching the urban family through youth and children and training believers in cross-cultural urban ministry. When the need for a local church arose Urban Hope Community Church formed in 2007. The church has grown from a handful of teenagers who came to know the Lord through outreach programs to a group of over 200 that now includes entire families who have turned their lives over the Jesus Christ. The leadership consists of people who have moved into the neighborhood and people who have grown up in the community all with the common goal of wanting West Kensington won for Jesus Christ.



It is our desire for the Studies in Urban Ministry Program at Urban Hope to develop students in their knowledge and practice of urban ministry as well as prepare them for future ministry through personal character development. The Bible is our ultimate authority and students are expected to conform to the specific commands of scripture including those prohibiting drunkenness, occult practices, sexual immorality, theft, lying, homosexual relationships ect.

Along with the prohibitions of scriptures there are also attitudes encouraged in scripture (i.e. love, patience, kindness, forgiveness…) students will be expected to demonstrate in their relationships and work while they are a part of our ministry.

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Urban Non-Profit & Church Ministry

Students would be qualified for paid and support-raising positions in Urban Churches.

Youth Services & Programming

Jobs are available in city and county recreational and after-school programming. Students would be qualified to work in juvenile group home environments.

Social Services

Employment could be found with the Department of Human Services and wrap-around services like Therapeutic Support Specialists. With further study students could gain employment in social work. Additional courses in psychology or sociology could qualify students for certain social service jobs.

Urban and Regional Planning & Development

Opportunities can be found within city and local municipalities in planning and development through internship experiences in these fields during their educational training. Students interested in jobs in planning should consider getting GIS certification in addition to their core curriculum.

Urban Education & ESL

Participants can gain employment in staff support roles in public schools. Students who are wanting to teach English to language learners in the US and abroad could find employment by taking additional classes to gain ESL certification.

Other Careers

  • Community Organizing and Activism
  • Public Policy and Advocacy
  • Grant Writing
  • And much more